The Band_Its of the Spaghetti of the Tire of the Sun that is Our Heart Petek


The_Band_Its of DOOM
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Dear Band Members,

Here is the newest, coolest community in the world...nay, the universe.

In this Community, the Band discusses important issues such as: What shall we play next? What instruments does Gretchen play? Will Casey ever realize that she's not good at the drums? What kind of noise do chipmunks make? Will I really save a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico? Will Gretchen ever update her livejournal? Are we a real band?

At the moment, membership to this elite Community is CLOSED. If you are IN THE BAND, you can ask one of the Mods (Cass, Emma, Kelly) to be let in. It is highly important. We must discuss band-like things.

P.S. After the first post, all the other posts are going to be PRIVATE (except when certain evil miscreants forget to make entries Friends-Only), which means that only the BAND MEMBERS will be able to see them. That means that in order to keep updated on our super-cool, secret community, you need to be a BAND MEMBER and JOIN our super-cool community.

P.P.S. This community is by no means a hierarchical one. All band members shall be kept on equal ground. Any members who wish to become Mods may do so.